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Have you ever wanted wine maps showing the producers and terroirs you love and represent?

Perhaps it is for your website, company brochure, a special tasting or an important masterclass. The general information map made by the regional body is great, but has just a bit too much information. It convolutes your message, rather than adding to it.

I can change that! I specialise in making bespoke wine maps that can achieve your business objective.

Why work with me

Trained in ArcGIS, I'm a published geographer with two Master of Science degrees from the London School of Economics and Peking University.

Having experience with global brands including L'Oreal, Diageo, and Pernod Ricard, as well as wine specialists like Cult and SWIG, I know how to translate campaign goals into visual assets to foster growth.

With years of working on Bordeaux and Burgundy en primeurs and harvesting in the UK and Australia, I can communicate at your level of expertise to help you differentiate.

Your hard work and expertise deserve tailored wine maps with your own branding and messaging, like these savvy brands:

Bespoke maps with an objective

Show expertise

Client – Cult Wine Investment
Objective – To establish expertise
Channels – Investment reports, website, and across all social platforms

As an industry challenger and disruptor, Cult Wine Investment aims to rewrite the playbook of the fine wine sector with state-of-the-art technology, a bold style, and a fresh mindset. These maps are simple but futuristic in style, which convey visually Cult's core values and the reasons why leads should invest with Cult.

Build new norms

Client SWIG
Objective – To make South African wine comprehensible
Channels – Tastings, offline meetings, website, and across all social platforms

Led by a team of no-nonsense visionaries, SWIG is committed to popularising the new wave of South African wines in the UK. WOZA, the national body, creates maps that are precise, detailed and all-encompassing. However, these often confuse rather than communicate effectively.

The above maps mark the first phase of a long-term project with SWIG, aimed at simplifying the complex and constantly evolving landscape of South African wines. The priority here is to promote easy understanding among consumers and professionals, for both on and off-trade.

Craft unique experience

Clientesea contemporary
Objective – To introduce wine
Channels – Tastings, Eventbrite, website, and across all social channels

Aside from private clients, I also do pro bono work to fundraise for good worthy causes. In collaboration with esea contemporary, a Manchester art museum that promotes diversity, inclusivity and progress, I host monthly charity wine tasting workshops titled "Colours and Corks". This placemat upholds the art museum's avant-garde branding while providing essential information for a young, intellectual and artistic audience that is new to wine.

Marry technology and heritage

Copyright © Kelly at A Thousand Glasses

Subject Tyrrell's
Objective – To transport readers to Tyrrell's
Channel –

Having done the 2023 harvest there, I wanted tell the world about Tyrrell's unique dry-farmed, ungrafted, pre-phylloxera vines! This is an unpaid passion project for me, with two-dimensional maps and a Google Earth tour that showcases clearly demarcated vineyards, detailed information on soil types and vine clones, and my personal photographs of these beautiful sites. I am very proud of this project!

Visualise exclusivity

Copyright © Cult Wines 2022

Client Cult Wines
Objective – To upsell to existing clients
Channels – Eventbrite and client newsletter

Maximising a client's lifetime value is crucial to any successful business. Cult Wines offers to their top clients exclusive access to some of the world's best wineries. This map is essentially an infographic, detailing the prestigious chateaus, Michelin-starred restaurants, and luxury hotels that the clients will visit. All 12 places sold out at a staggering £1,800+ each, yielding an impressive ROI.


Every project is unique. I usually charge a flat fee for project management and hourly rate for creating the maps, with a discount for larger projects of multiple deliverables.

Feel free to drop me a line, so that we can start exploring the best way to create something special for you, your expertise, and your business ↓