My work 🥂

Here you can find a selection of my written and illustrative work. Don’t worry, I have created a shortlist for each category to save your time. Happy reading!

Writing in English

Okanagan wine country: a very Canadian experience
Biondi Santi and the birth of Montalcino
Creating a New Bordeaux
Five fine wines for Texas barbeque
Is Dom Perignon 2008 worth collecting?

Writing in Chinese

种果树 养蜂 兼职夜店……为什么波尔多名庄纷纷搞起了“副业”?
不知道收藏什么酒? LV、Gucci、香奈儿早帮你想好了!

Some wine region maps I designed

Some of my drawings

Working on my first wine comic now - watch the space! 

Before finding a home in wine, I was a boring academic. Here are some of my published papers. Caution - they are REALLY dry!

Drop down to see my academic work

African migrants in China: space, race and embodied encounters in Guangzhou, article in China in Social & Cultural Geography Issue 5, Volume 21 2020. Co-authored with Dr Phileppe Le Billon

Grassroots Social Change Triggered by Africa-China Encounters in Urban China, chapter in Chinese and African Entrepreneurs, 2019.

Shifting Territorialities of an African Space in China, chapter in Shifting Territorialities of an African Space in China, 2018. Co-authored with Dr Karsten Giese.

Chinese International Students in the UK: Everyday challenges and policy recommendations. Report published by the All-Party Parliamentary Chinese in Britain Group, 2017. Lead researcher and writer for British Chinese Project.

广州的非洲人和中国人之间的地缘政治分析, chapter in 广州国际移民区的社会空间景观, 2016. Edited by Dr Li Zhigang.