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Hi, Kelly here!

I'm a wine lover who writes and draws. My mission is to hone my mastery of wine while helping fellow wine professionals and spreading the passion to new, younger audience.


To sustain my dreams, I freelance as a wine content marketing specialist. Here are my map portfolio and CV for your reference.

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A bit more about me

I live in Cheshire, England, with my partner and dog. My dream is to travel the world through harvest while collecting stories, friendships and delicious wines. I have done two harvests already, one in England and the other in Australia. Many more to go!

On this website, I share the best stories that I have come across. No repetitive tasting notes of very expensive bottles of wines. No writing that screams narcissism. Just things that I hope to bring you insight, and, hopefully, some entertainment!

Beside writing informative articles and creating bespoke wine maps in English, I also write fiction and draw manga about wine in Chinese. You can get a sense of my style here:

Before arriving in wine, I worked in academia, charity and tech. Below is a selection of my published research papers:

Some of my academic work

Get in touch

If you want to commission a map, collaborate or just want to talk, feel free to send me a message or message me on Instagram.

According to an ancient Chinese poem, when drinking with someone who really gets you, a thousand glasses wouldn’t be enough. I am prepared to drink a thousand glasses with you. What about you?


T +44 (0) 7492333343


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